Soap 25g Orange Blossom

The Orange Blossom bar soap in travel size.

Fragrance : Orange Blossom


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This small solid soap is perfect to discover the product, ideal for testing its formula and fragrance. It is also very convenient to travel with, to slip in a handbag or a suitcase. Enriched with traditional Marseille soap with vegetable oils, this soap is a tribute to the emblematic cube which has made the fame of Marseille for centuries.


Its sweet and honey fragrance blends orange blossom with floral notes.

Enriched with traditional Marseille soaps composed of vegetable oils.

Apply water on soap and gently rub it between hands to obtain a generous lather. Can be used every day to clean the body under the shower or in a bath, and to wash hands. Rinse thoroughly. Moisturize skin after shower.

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