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Once upon a time there were forgotten cosmetics from Provence...

In 1990, two friends from Marseille, passionate about decoration and design, decided to revisit an old tradition: The traditional cube of Marseille soap. They decided to bring it up to date in a modern and contemporary way. Soon, thanks to its recognized virtues and attractive design, it finds its credentials to be sold on every continent in the Compagnie de Provence shops and its resellers.

In 1999, the Company became the first brand to reinterpret the soap by launching a liquid version of it in a glass bottle while keeping its traditional manufacturing mode.

Today, relying on the expertise of a dermatological laboratory and in close collaboration with designers, the Company offers a wide range of high quality natural cosmetics and beauty products which are ethical, aesthetic and sensory which take care of consumers and their homes.

La Compagnie de Provence: natural products from Provence: Marseille soaps, cosmetics, perfumes, scented candles and perfume diffusers.

Provence, source of inspiration since always for our Company. It abounds with resources and raw materials of rare quality. It is with the greatest requirement and a desire for protection.

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