Collections descriptions


Extra Pur is a colorful line with a sleek graphic design, which brings a contemporary touch of gaiety and color in every room of the house. Its timeless fragrances of Provence with simple notes were revisited in clean contemporary style inherent to Compagnie de Provence to offer addictive and fresh olfactory sensations to give and share. This accessible and simple of use range declines its various sizes to meet all needs: decorative for glass bottles, unbreakable and convenient for duets in PET, economical thanks to refills, nomad for travel sizes...



Version Originale is a simple and sophisticated line revisited with a vintage design that adds a touch of elegance, sophistication and authenticity to your home. Fragrances are developed in double notes and combine with the authenticity and nobility of materials recount the Mediterranean in its most original expression. Olive Oil, the main ingredient in the body care line, known for its many benefits gives it sensory textures of high quality.



The Home range is a care line for the home with a sleek and industrial design, which brings a touch of modernity and sophistication in the kitchen. Clever, convenient and efficient products are displayed shamelessly in the house and reconcile us with daily chores. This line revisits the classics of home care showcasing the benefits of soap and comforting scents of Provence, with addictive and highly effective formulas.




To all of you wrongfully neglected bearded fellows, beloved hipsters with a three-day beard and you, devoteed to the normality of a clean shave with smooth cheeks… Whichever #groomingteam is close to your heart, Compagnie de Provence has a dedicated product for you. Have a look at our complete Grooming range, where the technical elaboration of the formulations is synonymous with guaranteed enjoyment, and adopt our 4 step ritual.



Shea Butter - All the benefits of Shea Butter in a full range of products for hands and body mixing expertise and minimalist graphic design. All the products are available with and without fragrance.



Cologne - Nestled between the Rhône and the Mediterranean sea, Provence is a land of water where springs are sacred and their outpouring providential.
The best example is the origin of Marseille, which never would have existed if the beautiful Gyptis had not offered a cup of water to Protis, thus designating him as her future husband. Protis was the leader of the Greek colonists from Phocaea and Gyptis was the daughter of the king of Ligures, the tribe that then occupied lower Provence. As a wedding gift, they received a section of the coastline on which they founded Massalia...
As a tribute to this water, the source of life that drenches the lands of Provence, Compagnie de Provence creates a collection of colognes. Each one offers you an olfactory break that evokes unique fantasy.
Discover all the emotions our fragrances can generate on your skin:
     the freshness and liveliness of citrus head notes
     the sophistication of perfumes that last




In the world of decoration, Black & White is an institution, a classic, an unswerving and unchangeable fundamental. At Compagnie de Provence, Liquid Marseille Soap & Hand Cream form a timeless must-have duo. So we decided to marry them in an infusion of fragrant tea for the best and forever.