Once upon a time in 1990, two friends from Marseille, passionate about decoration and design decide to revisit an old tradition: the iconic cube of Marseille soap. Aware of its place in the Provencal cultural heritage, they decided to reinterpret it in a modern and contemporary way.

The soap, which makes the fame and pride in its city since the seventeenth century, is a natural product made exclusively from vegetable oils, without any coloring or artificial additives. It is this exceptional purity which gives its hypoallergenic, antiseptic and antibacterial virtues. It is on this icon they build their business by focusing on its values of authenticity, simplicity, efficiency and quality.


In 1999, Compagnie de Provence innovates by offering a unique liquid version of the Marseille soap. Made the traditional way in a cauldron from vegetable oils such as its solid ancestor, it is presented in a glass bottle with a pumpwith marked and clean graphic codes. This invention gives the brand an international scale and strengthens its image of modernity that it continues to cultivate ever since.

In 2013, the company associates itself with an Italian dermatological group to accelerate its development and meet the increasingly challenging demands of consumers in terms of quality, innovation and cosmetic quality.

In 2016, Compagnie de Provence celebrates 25 years with its Limited Edition Designer developed with the Marseillais Stephan Muntaner.

Compagnie de Provence wanted to keep a human scale to remain closer to the expectations of its customers, however, products are developed overwhelmingly in France and in its various laboratories of the Mediterranean basin and ensure him a quality copy product, and research at the cutting edge of technology.

This innovative spirit, dear to its origins, Compagnie de Provence, each puts in service of his creations, developing high quality natural product lines, ethical, aesthetic and sensory who take care of their consumers and their houses.





Provence, an eternal source of inspiration for La Compagnie de Provence. The region is full of resources and raw materials of a rare quality. It is with the greatest requirement and a desire to protect our heritage that we have sealed partnerships with some local Provencal producers. More than mere commercial relations, these are encounters that each time strengthen our humility and our love of the land. This also guarantees our consumers an authenticity, traceability and a certain exclusivity.

La Compagnie de Provence innovates through the launch of the new Extra Pur collection by adding a trio of vegetable oils in all of its products: Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Grape Seed Oil*. These natural origin ingredients of which virtues and efficacy are recognizes in the universe of cosmetics and elsewhere, bring by their origin a real difference to our formulas.


Version Originale is a simple and sophisticated line revisited with a vintage design that adds a touch of elegance, sophistication and authenticity to your home. Fragrances are developed in double notes and combine with the authenticity and nobility of materials recount the Mediterranean in its most original expression. Olive Oil, the main ingredient in the body care line, known for its many benefits gives it sensory textures of high quality.



Our new products for the home are made with 96% to 99% naturally derived ingredients, to clean your home both naturally and effectively.


In the world of decoration, the association of Black & White is an institution, a classic, an unswerving and unchangeable fundamental. It was obvious to marry them in an infusion of fragrant tea for the best and forever. This lacquered glass collection uses the strength of contrast to create an inspiring graphic and olfactory universe.


A natural body care collection to get your skin back in its comfort zone.
Shea nut is the number one ingredient to take care of the most demanding skins. It has been used for a long time by African women to repair their skin. Our shea nuts are fair trade and harvested by hands in Ghana. Shea Butter is rich in vitamins A, D, E and F. It is well-known for its nourishing and emollient power, as its regenerative and soothing properties.
Rich in shea butter (20%)**, this irresistible collection was developed in partnership with our Dermatological Research and Development department, expert in dermatological and cosmetic since 1935. Ideal for dry to very dry skin, the products fit naturally into your daily routine.



Designed in the heart of Provence, this collection created to answer sophisticated men needs, offers a daily ritual of shaving products, facecare and bodycare.
We chose to reinterpret the timeless codes of La Compagnie de Provence through a contemporary design with masculine lines. This Grooming for men collection brings together the best formulas developed in partnership with our Dermatological Research and Development department.
Proud of our dear Provence, we took our inspiration from its nature, bringing together emblematic ingredients such as lavender, olive oil or sweet almond oil.
This collection offers sensorial and innovative textures opting for ingredients even more natural and respectful to the skin.



The Cashmere & Delicate collection gets free of colors to explore the light intensity that exists between black and white and for which shades are profusing. Both sophisticated and warmy, this new collection create a soothing and elegant atmosphere in which light and transparency are highlighted. Combined with delicate fragrances created in Grasse, Cashmere & Delicate will light up your interior design. 



Our first moisturizing face cream combining three ingredients from Provence with three targeted actions. Thanks to its rich and ultra comfortable texture, this face cream, suitable for all skin types,  moisturizes, protects and restores radiance. A real cocktail of optimism made in Provence for a happy healthy skin!
La Crème Happydratante is made of 98% natural origin ingredients and has carefully selected ingredients in the heart of Provence. Directly harvested in Provence, Solliès fig, lemon and thyme extract are combined with sweet almond oil and pomegranate to offer a universal face care that provides you hydration, protection, glow.



The Compagnie de Provence Colognes celebrate Provence – a land of water and colours, nestled between the Rhône river and the Mediterranean Sea. Bursting with optimism, this collection showcases citrus fruits and aromatics in unique olfactory scenarios. All six eaux quench a desire for freshness and lightness, delighting  with woody, floral or fruity accords that leave an exquisite, lingering scent on the skin.

*except grape seed oil, origin from France
**except liquid soap and body scrub