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  • Antioxidants, the best allies to protect the youth of your skin

Antioxidants, the best allies to protect the youth of your skin



Antioxidants, it's been quite some time since you’re hearing about them, right? But in fact, what is it really? How can they be useful and where can we find them? No worries! At La Compagnie de Provence, this is something we know all about. Let’s get into it and help you understand everything there is to know about this essential anti-aging component.

First question: what are the aging factors of the skin?

You’re probably thanking your pretty mom every day... Not only you have always been able to count on her to share her amazing cooking recipe or to tinker with this recalcitrant syphon. But she’s also the one who has given you this extraordinary quality of skin! Yes! 20% of your youth capital is a genetic inheritance from your mom! It is therefore up to you to keep it going and let this beautiful inheritance prosper by taking care of your skin.

As you are good at math, you might be wondering: where does the remaining 80% come from? One answer: external factors. The vast majority of skin aging is therefore caused by the environment. We can think of sun exposure, UV exposure, dry air, pollution, lack of sleep, stress, and tobacco. The accumulation of these external aggressions will lead to a production of free radicals that will accelerate the appearance of aging signs and aging of the skin.

Okay! Until then you follow us. But what are the antioxidants doing in this story?

What are antioxidants?

It’s all in their name. These molecules slow down or prevent the harmful process of cell oxidation. In other words, they are real shields that protect your skin from the damage of oxidation. But what is oxidation? This is a perfectly normal phenomenon in the life of a cell and its oxygen consumption. Oxidation creates free radicals that will attack the skin. So, it's about taking control of this problem and antioxidants are your best allies in this battle.

Where do we find them?

First, nature does things well: the skin has its own natural antioxidant mechanisms. But often these defenses can be overwhelmed by events and it is good to lend a hand to one's skin.

Antioxidants are found first in the diet: fruits and vegetables are filled with benefits (think about broccoli!). But you should consume a lot of broccoli before seeing the results on your skin.

We can also turn to face care with antioxidant properties, specially designed to take care of your beautiful skin. You will not run out of choice as there are many antioxidant molecules. Vitamin C, vitamin E or vitamin A are among the best known. Flavonoids from plants, such as our famous Fig of Provence, are also renowned for their properties.

And we did not select the Fig randomly. Rich in flavonoids (coming from polyphenols), our fruit has a high antioxidant potential. It also contains a water-soluble polysaccharide with both antioxidant activity and boosting immune defenses. You will there understand that the fig is a major asset in the preservation of the skin and anti-aging.

A tip, for your facial antioxidant to be the most effective possible, it is best to choose a cosmetic formula that contains several sources of antioxidants to fight against several families of free radicals. That turns out well! We find some antioxidants in our fig of Provence but also in our famous duo of vegetable oils of Provence. Olive oil is naturally rich in polyphenols and vitamin E. And if you have followed well, you know that vitamin E can fight against free radicals effectively.

Now that you know our face care is full of antioxidants. We wonder...

What are the direct effects on your skin?

Upon application your skin is protected. After several days of use, it looks smoother and brighter. And after a while wrinkles and signs of tiredness begin to fade.

And when do we start?

Ideally, prevention is better than cure! Naturally, we can begin to apply an antioxidant care from 30 years when the skin has not been too aggressed.

- For the day an antioxidant cream that will protect the skin throughout the day.

- In the evening, an antioxidant night mask that will take all its time for the active ingredients to work.

That's it, you are unbeatable on antioxidants. You just have to discover our collection of facial care to implement this beautiful knowledge!


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